Nike Blazer Low Off-White University Red


Δωρεάν Αντικαταβολή και Επιστροφή

True to Virgil Abloh’s wide-ranging and open-source take on product development and modification, the Nike x Off-White ™ Blazer Low brings together a multi-disciplinary, multi-sport aesthetic. While exploring Nike’s archives, Abloh became inspired by iconic basketball, skateboarding and trail running silhouettes and started to reconsider their shapes and features in a new light.

By bringing together multiple sports and silhouettes, this Blazer Low’s distinct make-up underscores Abloh’s design language. Through collaborative design sessions and via text message threads—one of Virgil’s favourite places to work—with Nike’s design team, he became focused on “mixing languages for a new signature”, emphasising how that happens when unrelated elements are brought together unexpectedly. Abloh and his team executed his thought process through the standout TPU heel piece that sits atop the Blazer Low, which draws inspiration from the Air Terra Humara’s classic heel shape. To even get to this radical point, at one stage during the design sessions, Abloh directly asked: “Can we … splice the real Humara tooling and fuse it into a vulcanised sole?” This kind of playful verve for new opportunities is what allowed for new possibilities and with it, the Off-White ™ Blazer Low.

Signature Nike x Off-White ™ detailing completes the shoe, including an accented over lace, Swoosh tab, exposed foam tongue and punched-out holes, offering a utilitarian, DIY attitude to a sneaker designed with expert craft, knowledge and a passion for pushing boundaries.

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